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I have been a business broker in Nashville for many years. During those years, I have seen, over and over, how quickly life can change a business and not always in a good way.

The solution was obvious: consult with business owners to help plan for change, both expected and unexpected.

Unfortunately, the “fierce urgency of now” left me trapped in the cycle of client acquisition, engagement, finding unaffiliated prospective owners, negotiating the deal, shepherding the due diligence and financing. All these things lead to successful closings (successful in that the owner gets paid and the new owner takes over; not always successful for the long-term continuity of the business). In short, I was trapped in the same time-starved position as that of my clients.

Well, I’ve bitten the bullet and now work with business owners to help them make good financial decisions before things get dicey – things that, working with Nashville business owners since 2002, I’ve seen all too often like:

  1. When events beyond your control reduce your firm's value and you have
    not prepared for them.  I can help.  Some examples include: 
  • being forced to sell a business during an economic downswing (e.g. 	2008)
  • being sued
  • not enough time to find a third-party buyer or find one willing to pay full-value
  • a star employee leaves, maybe starting their own firm or going to a competitor
  • someone important to the business becomes disabled or passes
  • someone your business depends on just burns out and loses their edge
  • employee fraud
  1. Taxes that reduce the value you pocket for your firm.  Also, taxes increase 
    withdraws needed from your retirement account.  For 	instance, to net 
    $100,000 annually at 2017 tax rates (married, filing jointly), you must withdraw 
    $122,000 a year from your retirement fund.  What if that $100,000 retirement 
    income is available tax-free and the funds you save in taxes continue 
    to earn good returns tax-free?
  2. Eventually, you will sell you business or turn out the lights, close the doors, 
    and walk away.  Those are your two options, period.  Unless you have goals 
    and a plan, you and your family can't assume to be fully paid for the value
     you've created in your business.

Here’s a menu of my new offerings.

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